The Golden Age

Alexandria, this beautiful cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean Sea that once had one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world: The Alexandria Lighthouse along with the biggest library in the world in the old history Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Alexandria was the first if not the only destination for anyone looking for books, papers, researches, or any written assets in any cultural or scientific field, as well as the hub for top-notch of philosophers and scientists, where it was normal that in any corner in any random street you find a debate about a philosophical issue or a scientific theory happening, it was the hub for culture, art, and science or as we can say in the modern language it was Amazon of this time, with a much deeper level of interactivity, it was the biggest data center, it had one of the biggest world commercial trade ports on the Mediterranean Sea which allows it to be a hub for the trade also.

Socio-Political Environment

On the political and social side, it was one from the oldest democratic regimes in the history, people with different religions, ethnics, origins or races were living together in a harmony, they had there differences of-course, but they expressed it in the most civilized way, they criticized opposite opinions or political views by debates, cultural events, books but at the same time respected the other and applied the very basic definition of let's agree to disagree.

Too Good To Be True

For a time it was the Utopian city, who among us especially in the developing nations or even in the western modern world today with the rise of right-wing views doesn't dream to live in such a society like the lovely old Alexandria.

But like any good thing that is too good to be true, as any beautiful dream there is the moment that you wake up and realize that all of this could never last forever, the radical conservative Christians (which was the dominant religion at the time) didn't like this society, the dogma of the religion won over the rationality of culture, art, and science to wake up one day find that the Bibliotheca Alexandrina the biggest library in the ancient world is burned by radicalizing conservative, and the symbol that represented the philosophers and the scientific community the beautiful Agora which was at the same time the daughter of the manager of Bibliotheca Alexandrina was killed in a cold bold in the same streets that just a few days before were holding debates and representing the best form of society that humans can live within.

“The dogma of the religion won over the rationality of culture, art, and science”

Us and Alexandria

Born and raised in Alexandria through the ‘90s and the beginning of the 21st century, of course, was a totally different experience, the whole country transferred into the total opposite of all what the Golden age of Alexandria represented, but you can still smell it in the atmosphere, in the smell of the sea, in the old historic parts that still remain as museums or sightseeing for tourists, you can smell it in the few old small restaurants that thriving to keep this cosmopolitan spirit till now, so in your subconscious, you're affected by this, it becomes a part of who you are, your identity.

Restarting in Alexandria

When we decided to quit our jobs in the capital Cairo, where all the good business opportunities are centralized in, and decide to open our own startup, it didn't need another thought that we go back to our roots, to start from this inspirational atmosphere, we needed a space away from the daily commute life, the traffic, the pollution, and the noise of the capital, to start re-thinking from scratch, to find an identity for our new startup, and boy it was it. Spending the first 6 months in Alexandria has put us on the right path to start our journey.

WiseGeeX | Born in Alexandria

Alexandria the Golden age, was the perfect combination of a bunch of culture and science geeks seeking for wisdom in an engaging and interactive platform, which reflects exactly what we're aiming for in WiseGeeX, and which obviously explains why we preferred to use the letter X in GeeX and capitalize it because it represents the influence of Alexandria on us.

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