This is not 2007 anymore!

It is common nowadays that every time you ask a digital agency or a friend in the digital marketing business to tell you how badly you need a website and how having a website is your key to owning the digital age and keeping up with the digital development surrounding you.

Everywhere you go, either agencies or website builders like,, and even GoDaddy, are all encouraging you to build a website for your business. They go around telling you how having a website or a mobile app is just the step you need to move your business to the digital age and how it is the right move to make. Of course, we are not denying the obvious, that a business with a website showcasing the company’s services, products, and contact information increases its digital presence and perform a lot better than a business with no digital presence, but this is not 2007 anymore!

Having a website that represents your business is now part of the essentials of opening anything, there are even templates online for weddings! A template so that people set up a website online and all the attendees can RSVP and register for the wedding online.

Having a Website is a step, not the step!

You probably guessed by the title of this article that we are a huge Led Zepplin fans, you stand corrected my friend. Building a website for your business is not the only step you can take to reach the digital era that ensures your business becomes a powerhouse with every detail of your daily operations.

Let’s say that now you have a website up and running, showcasing all your services/products, contact info, beautiful images, now what?

Well, we first start to integrate your website with all the social media platforms you exist on along with analytical tools like google analytics, crazy egg, etc…

Now you started helping your customers to have a landing page which enables you to convert these messages on Facebook into leads which you are starting to convert.

Your marketing tools are now in position and leading to your website, what’s next? The beauty of API’s opened the door for businesses to expand their digitalization process to unprecedented lengths. Let me give you an example:

You got your products set on the website customer make an order you receive it via an email and you start to process the order, well, with API’s you can

  1. Connect your website with the CRM that saves the customer info to be used in future marketing campaigns.
  2. At the same time sends this info to the marketing tools you are using like MailChimp.
  3. Make your customer pay online via a Payment Gateway
  4. Employees in the warehouse receive the order details to prepare it for the shipping company through an inventory management system that is connected via API to your website.
  5. Send the order detail to the shipping company to know when and where to drop the order.
  6. Your customer got a problem with his order, he can just contact you on your website through a customer support app you have connected with your website through APIs like Intercom, or HelpScout.

Let me say that the above process is just a fraction of what you can do with just a website, what you can do on your first step.

A Digital Infrastructure

Digitalizing is not for your users and customers only, it is also meant to increase productivity. And building a strong digital infrastructure, you just need to provide your employees with things that allow them to become productive:

  1. Reduce unwanted movement and wasted time through apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, your employees can talk and ask themselves through the app instead of going from an office to another just to ask for a 2 seconds answer.
  2. Instead of watching your employees all the time to see who is working and who is not, you can install Dektime which helps to measure the productivity of your employees.
  3. Using a ticketing system that increases the response rate and response efficiency of your support which enhances the customer experience.
  4. Using the cloud to help your employees to work from home, favorite cafe, basically anywhere they feel comfortable to work from and help them access their work as fast and easy as they can.

Your Digital Buddy

WiseGeeX understands quite well how to make use of every bit of available resources at your disposal and how through digitalization, increase sales, employees efficiency, productivity, and create a robust workflow. As we take it our responsibility to provide Egyptian businesses with all the tools they need to grow and flourish.

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