When a client contacts WiseGeeX asking about the cost of an eCommerce website, we start by asking multiple questions like What is the nature of your business? Who are your main competitors? What segment are you targeting? And so on, the basic list of questions that a web agency will ask you; but throughout the last couple of years, we started asking our clients a very important question, “Are you going to spend on marketing campaigns for that eCommerce website or not?”. A simple question right?! Well, no, some of them say that they are going to spend on marketing for the first month or two and then just “leave it be” some even say that they will continue their usual selling routine as if nothing is new. Allow us in this article to tell you why it is wrong to leave your eCommerce website without any marketing campaigns, and why “throwing” more money in this eCommerce website is the only way to achieve a higher return on investment “ROI”.

If You Are Not Spending On Marketing, Why Bother Creating an eCommerce Website?

Exactly! The reason behind our question “Are you going to spend on marketing campaigns for that eCommerce website or not?” is to know if this eCommerce website will actually achieve its goal, or is it just another website that we will put in our portfolio and people will ask us what is this? Or what does it sell? If you are not going to create any marketing campaigns using Google, Social Media, or even Content Marketing, then don’t bother spending your money on an eCommerce website in the first place.

As much as we would love to add a new project to our portfolio, but we say this to our clients and they sometimes misinterpret it as if we do not want to work with them, “If you are not going to spend any money on your eCommerce website, then simply don’t create one and use this money in something else.”

I Got Many Friends And Word Of Mouth Will Boost My Conversion Rate

One of the key mistakes small and medium-size businesses do when they set up a website is that they rely heavily on the word of mouth as a way to tell the world they have an awesome new website. Why is that wrong? because even if you got a thousand friends on Facebook and a thousand more followers on Instagram and they all went to your website, only two or three percent will actually buy from it (Optimistic projections), which is not in any way a satisfying result in the long run. Yes, your friends will share your website with their friends, but at the end of this hype, which will probably take around a month maximum, your eCommerce website traffic will be similar to the traffic in the desert.

Quoting Paul Graham

“You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to your store.”

You always go where your customers are located, you don’t simply wait for them to come to you. Even an eCommerce giant like Amazon create ads on Google and Social Media; does Amazon need to make ads despite its SEO? Yes, because if he is not making ads, Walmart will, or Target, etc… The same idea with Coca-Cola, which only got one worthy competitor in the global market and everyone knows them already, yet they still need to advertise for themselves (We could argue about the reasons behind Coca-Cola but they still do ads and IT WORKS).

Marketing Campaigns Tells You what’s Wrong

Yes, not all eCommerce websites are perfect. And the only way to find out what is making it imperfect with your eCommerce website, Products, Pricing, or even packaging, is through the analytics on your website which gives you thorough feedback on everything happening on your site.

Analytics could help you discover more about your business than your friend who tried out that one time a sample of your merchandise. And the only way to get analytical data valid enough to take serious actions is through analysis coming from at least hundreds of users per day (as a start).

SEO Alone Is Not An Option

As we mentioned earlier, in order to feel the effect of your SEO efforts, you need at least 1 to 2 months (6 months if you are not using any backlinks and rely entirely on content marketing) which in that time you will go through an iteration of trial and error which may or may not lead to a satisfactory result. Moreover, you will have to double your efforts of content marketing as there will be no very little traffic which indicates that your content is not relevant to users and may backfire on your whole content marketing strategy.

The Reason Why Coca-Cola Is Still Making Ads

We could argue for the reasons behind Coca-Cola making advertising, yes the objectives of advertising depending on the size of your company, but, just because you are a well-known brand and the top company in your industry on a global scale, doesn’t mean your sales are immune to competition. If we assumed that one day Coca-Cola decided to save the millions it spends on advertising, it will save a lot at first, but the sales of Coca-Cola will sure be impacted, not on a shirt-term of course, but the sales team at Coca-Cola will notice that on the long run.

The same example goes with Amazon, as it faces a lot of competition lately with Target and Walmart entering the eCommerce arena. Of course, Amazon has far better content marketing and SEO rank far higher than Walmart or Target, but if on the long run Amazon just thought about dropping its marketing campaigns to save the billions it spends on marketing, it will face a huge drop in its sales on the long run.

Google Ads Is Your Start

As obvious as it sounds, Google’s marketing platform offers a variety of services that will help your eCommerce website achieve its goals. But what makes Google Ads so special; well besides the fact that it acquires over 93% of the search engine market, Google Ads allows you to buy the keywords you want to appear on when searched by your users in the geographical area of your choice.

Along with additional features, Google Ads has to be your primary option to market your eCommerce website whether in Egypt or anywhere else, enabling you to reach those seeking your products/services.

Facebook & Instagram ads as a support

Facebook and Instagram, allow you to market for the people with the persona that usually buys from you. Since no one knows your customer better than you, Advertising on Social Media is not just essential to attract new customers, but it supports and validates your digital presence and help further connect with your clients through the integrations and tools provided by these platforms to help your business grow.

In Conclusion, Marketing Campaigns help:

  1. Get useful Feedback

    The more traffic you got on your website, the more you will be able to identify what you have done right and what you have done wrong and will be able to know what do your customers really want and create a meaningful impact on your business achieving your eCommerce goals.

  2. SEO Alone Is Not Enough

    Even if you have crafted the perfect SEO strategy and implemented it to the fullest, you will not be able to see this effect for at least 3 months, and you will probably see this effect fades away quickly as your competitors will always be updating their content, and making ads to be ahead of you.

  3. Marketing Campaigns Are An Important Starters

    If you are just starting out, the only way to achieve high and quick ROI is through launching multiple campaigns like Website launching campaign, Early bird discount, etc…

  4. eCommerce Websites In Egypt Are Highly Competitive

    If you think that just because you are in Egypt then your competitors might still working in the old traditional way, then think again. Egypt is currently noticing a rise in Digital Marketing spending and an increasing number of eCommerce websites, which means that you are not the first or alone!

  5. You Need Professional Guidance At Least When Starting

    Google and Facebook are making their advertising tools easier by the day to a point that anyone with the least technical knowledge of “surfing the internet” is able to launch a marketing campaign, yet, the reason behind the existence of Marketing agencies and studios like WiseGeeX is the tricks and experience in dealing with ads and drawing personas that you will definitely when starting your digital trip, helping you target the right audience and making the most out of your budget without wasting a single penny.

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