As part of our digital presence services at WiseGeeX, we provide a free domain name to those taking their first step into the digital world; and since we try to get the best prices deals from third-parties, we used GoDaddy only to find out that GoDaddy changed their iconic logo of the original cool chill guy with the crazy font logo to “A young girl who’s a little bit of a bandit—with a ponytail and a patch over her eye—who wants to grow up and be somebody.” according to GoDaddy’s CEO Aman Bhutani in an interview with Fast Company. This logo enhancement adds Godaddy to the long queue of companies that changed their logo design from the wild cool looking logos to a more generic and corporate logo.

Why Is It Named GoDaddy?

Back in 1999, when a group of employees was brainstorming a new name for “Jomax Technologies”, they came up with multiple names but unfortunately the domains were not available, so they went with GoDaddy.

While it might seem as if the domain name availability is the reason behind naming the company GoDaddy, but the main reason they went with it is the fact that the name sticks in your head when you hear it from the first time. Furthermore, it actually forces you to do two actions when you hear it for the first time, the first is to smile when you hear it, the second is to ask what does this company do or sell, achieving an important aspect of brand naming, brand recognition, and brand positioning (We will come to that point later)

GoDaddy Changing Skin

Make no mistake, the change is not just in a logo that they could replace with a click of a button; a complete change and redesign in GoDaddy’s logo mean a change in their identity and the way they want to be perceived to current and future users, GoDaddy is no longer the cool guy with the funny name, it is now corporate and cares about your business and proving this by widening their services to include hosting, toll numbers, etc…

Moreover, as mentioned before GoDaddy is a company started in 1999 in the midst of the .com boom and if you are from that era, I think you know where I am heading right now, and how the iconic logo of GoDaddy was so relatable at that time. But now, the time has changed and with SMEs having a huge role in the rapid development in the digital world; add to that a change in the services provided, a change in the skin, identity, and above all the tone of voice was a must if the world’s largest domain registrar wanted to catch the new age.

All tech Companies Going Corporate

No, it is not a coincidence, all tech companies’ logos are now changing from their old wild, messy self to a more structured and organized persona. The reason is highly due to the changes in the targeted segments such as entrepreneurs and to the high growth rates these companies have reached. Yes! Growth means getting big enough to start issuing stocks and try to attract investors and deliver a statement of the maturity of the company holding your investments.

What do we Learn From GoDaddy’s Identity Re-design?

Your Brand Name Matters

As we have seen the effects of GoDaddy’s name that still doing its thing, your name matters not just on a level of being good or catchy, but also to be relevant to your industry and above all the segment you want to speak to, which is one thing to do more differently than GoDaddy here, is that your brand name must be more relevant to the segment that you are speaking too like GoDaddy but more relevant to your industry as well.

When we brainstorm a brand name to our clients, we always make sure that it is catchy, easy to remember, easily recognized in what industry this brand is in, not in any way offending any segments, and above all speaks the same language as the targeted segments.

Your Logo Sends a Message

Always keep in mind that your logo sends messages and signals to your customers and segments, at WiseGeeX, we always ask ourselves

  1. Is it easily recognized?
  2. Can we figure out what is this company about from the logo?
  3. Did it make me look twice?
  4. Did it catch the attention of its segments and customers?

If the answer to all of these questions was a yes? Then we are on the right track of this brand story.

A Change In Skin Is Inevitable

As your customers’ needs change, your identity must be adaptable to this change, and no you are not stuck in quicksand, changing your logo or name does not mean the end of it all. In some cases, a new brand name and identity means pressing the reset button giving yourself a fresh and powerful start in the long journey of your brand with the identity as its starting point.

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