How It All Started

Unlike your usual startup stories with your hero and his long time friend in a garage inventing something, WiseGeeX actually came together through multiple creative agencies some of them are in Egypt and others are friends from Europe and Asia. The thing we all had in common is our acknowledgment of the important role of startups in the gears of the world economy.

We know how much startups have impacted our lives in a way that if you take a look around you will find that the 5 tech giants that you basically interact with them every single day of your life; were at one point a startup with one of them nearly declared bankruptcy at one point in the ’90s.

With this in mind, we found that the best way to make a real impact is through guiding, supporting, and gearing-up startups with everything they need to get on the right track of success and achievement.

Why WiseGeeX?

Since each member was in a creative agency that dealt with a long list of clients from all the industries you can imagine, given our age variation that ranges between the ‘20s and ‘30s that usually work with flipflops, jeans, shorts, and hoodies. we found that if we want to describe ourselves in a single line it would be Wise Geeks with an X click here to know the reason behind the “X”

The common mindset brought the founders together, one that none of the GeeX disagreed on:

“User is key, the more you know about your user, the more your business turns robust and dynamic”

Your users/customers are the most important factor in the equation of any business, which is why WiseGeeX’s team members are centered around the user and how to find robust solutions for your users or turn these problems into an opportunity. And so, we have met while working on collaborative projects with startups, small businesses, medium businesses, and corporates in as many industries as to allow us to put the Wise next to the Geek.

The diversity and expertise of WiseGeeX’s team, we became comprehensive, flexible, and adaptable to the fast-moving digital world. Also, our diverse portfolio made our teamwork for impact by overseeing your end goal and let us ask the right questions, connecting dots, foresee obstructions, and create an action plan. What comes out connects dots across your business with results you can measure.

And so, with a similar mindset and enthusiasm towards supporting the small and medium sector, we have decided to create a company with our mindset, which means that each and every project we work on with passion, treat it as a piece of art, and with the primary goal of growth.

Artistic Passion

Working on something which you have extreme passion towards turns it from a 9 to 5 job, into an artistic sketch. And as our GeeX idol, David Bowie once said

“I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring.”

This is what WiseGeeX promises you, a digital solution that works as if it is a piece of art.

Loosen Up

It is not always charts, analysis, and ties, sometimes we need to have a little bit of fun in order to give an output of an artist and not the output of an “I hate my job and my life” type of an employee. After all, good ideas sounded funny when it was first told. Losen up cuts you out from all the noises surrounding you that you start making your own noise to stop the echos of others.

A Common Goal Toward the African Market

Throughout the journey of each member in the WiseGeeX team, we have seen high potential in the Egyptian and African markets, but with each project and business we work with, we noticed how good the ideas are and how poor the implementation went. This is why at WiseGeeX, we decided that we are going to do things differently; the way that focuses on the user through data, analysis, and research, not through the traditional ways that are no longer applicable in this day and age.

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