WiseGeeX is a digital solutions studio with a presence in both Cairo and Alexandria Egypt, our main goal is to provide businesses with all the digital tools they need to achieve growth and sustainability.

With a common goal and belief which is the importance of SMEs and startups in the gears of economy, which lead us to create WiseGeeX, a digital solution studio in Egypt (where the founders are originally from) and decided to provide digital services that support businesses.

We started as a group of GeeX working in multiple digital fields throughout many creative and digital agencies in Egypt, India, and Europe, many of which were deeply involved with accelerators and joint venture, witnessing the rise and fall of many startups.

Throughout the journey of each member in the WiseGeeX team, we have seen high potential in the Egyptian and African markets, but with each project and business we work with, we noticed how good the ideas are and how poor the implementation went.

This is why at WiseGeeX, we decided that we are going to do things differently; the way that focuses on the user through data, analysis, and research, not through the traditional ways that are no longer applicable in this day and age.

The diversity and expertise of WiseGeeX’s team, we became comprehensive, flexible, and adaptable to the fast-moving


We know for a fact that whatever the reason you opened up your business, there are two main goals in your mind; revenue and growth. Big business, small business, new industry, an old tradition they all come down to a universal process that starts with:

  • Pointing out your problems, your options, your long-term, and short-term objectives.
  • Provide you with deep analysis driven from real data coming from your users/customers.
  • Draw sketches of the solution’s roadmap.
  • Turn the sketches into a foundation upon which we plant the seeds of a robust 360° solution.
  • Raise your voice until you make a noise that stops the echoes of your competitors.
  • Sit back and enjoy the fresh air of your new path to success.

Take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and start with gathering the information needed to start brewing.

Define Objectives

Identify where you are in order to know where you want to go from your current position.

Data Driven

Only through data and deep analysis will you be able to move forward.

Our methodology is built on an agile foundation that provides a sustainable and continuous add-on value.


Put the data gathered, the analysis, and the action plan in-motion through a robust process.


The engine of our methodology which delivers value through continues incremental tests and updates.